Desert Queen Harness


$ 103.00 
Silver Coated Metal, Brown Leather, Bone/Antler / one color / one size


The Desert Queen Harness is apart of our 'Nomad' collection, inspired by a fictional group of desert warrior women.

This piece in particular is quite unique. It has a heavier/thicker chain then our Malia Harness giving it a tougher and more identified look. In the centre it has a wire wrapped antler hung from a brown leather rope.

Our harnesses can be worn in various ways and for various occasions. We love pairing ours with a bikini while on vaca, but we are also frequently wearing it over our ordinary clothes to add a bit of boho chic to a simple outfit. Perhaps a slip dress, or jeans and a tank top, we encourage you to get creative with it!

*All pieces a curated from ethical and fair trade sources.