Ozark Trail 13' x 9' Screen House (46 sq ft Coverage)

Own the 13' x 9' Screen House, a great room outdoors! With the comforts of a bug-free living room, you can enjoy the great outdoors and keep the bugs away. The Ozark Trail Screen House is 13 feet long and nine feet wide, with a standing space that tops out at seven feet high. The tent fabric roof provides shade for 46 square feet of the room. The Screen House is spacious enough for six people, or more around a folding table in an uninterrupted 360-degree panoramic shelter. No-see-um mesh netting walls help protect you and your family from mosquitos and other biting insects. Great way to have your meals and enjoy your time outdoors without having to worry. Best of all, it is an easy setup in under three minutes: this is perfect for your family's next adventure. This hybrid frame screen house has both steel support poles and fiberglass reinforced poles.
Ozark Trail 13' x 9' Screen House (46 sq ft Coverage):
  • Measures: 13'L x 9'W x over 6'H
  • Ozark Trail Screen House is easy to set up in about 3 minutes
  • Large enough to fit a folding table and 6 chairs
  • Full width No-See-Um mesh walls
  • 2 tall vertical zippers on opposing walls
  • Walls roll back from zippers for easy access and ventilation
  • Unobstructed 360-degree view from within
  • Steel Pole: fiberglass reinforced pole hybrid construction
  • Stakes and guylines must be set for maximum wind resistance
  • No-See-Um mesh walls are an excellent way to keep bugs out
  • No-See-um mesh offers exceptional ventilation while knocks down wind
  • Includes 4 steel support legs, 2 fiberglass shock-corded roof poles, 1 fiberglass shock-corded roof middle pole with end caps, screen house fabric body, 4 elbow connectors 155 degree, 4 guy ropes for added wind resistance, 10 steel 7" stakes for screen house corners and guylines, stake bag, pole bag, handy oversize carry bag
  • Directions for Easy Set-Up:
    • STEP 1: Verify Package Contents: Verify package contents by emptying contents of bag and confirming all parts are included and undamaged. Pro-Tip: Do this at home before you leave on your trip
    • STEP 2: Lay Out Screen House: A. Choose a site - Level is best. Either watch video on this page or follow instructions below; B. Extend poles and sort into groups
    • STEP 3: Assemble Screen House: A. Place the roof poles in position for installation; B. Begin with the Roof Middle Pole and slide it into its middle roof sleeves; finish securing by inserting both pole ends into the pole pockets above each door zipper; C. Take a Roof Pole and slide it into its sleeves; then insert the end into the ribbed side of one Elbow Connector at a roof corner. Gently flex pole into an arch and secure pole end into its own ribbed side of one Elbow Connector. Repeat for the other Roof Pole; D. Place one end of a steel leg pole into the smooth end of an Elbow Connector, then secure the other end of the leg pole onto the pin-ring at the base of the screen house. Repeat for each remaining steel leg pole; E. Secure Steel Leg Poles with fabric ties on screen house fabric
    • STEP 4: Stake Screen House: A. Stake screen house by driving stakes through the webbing loops and pin-rings on base of screen house; B. To secure guy lines, find the guy line plastic slider and look for the knot. Pull this portion, forming a loop, then use like a slip knot. Extend guy line to the ground and stake it out. Repeat with each remaining guy line
  • Directions for Take Down:
    • STEP 1: Remove the Stakes: Carefully remove all stakes by pulling out the hook ends. Do not pull or tug at the stake loops sewn onto the webbing pocket. Remove excess soil from the stakes and store them in their bag
    • STEP 2: Take Down Screen House: A. Release the fabric tie from one leg pole. Lift screen and pull pin-ring out from the leg pole. Repeat for each leg pole; B. Pull one leg pole out from roof elbow. Set down gently. Repeat for each leg pole; C. Gently flex one roof pole to release from the elbow connector, then slide completely out from pole sleeve. Repeat for each pole; D. Remove middle pole from pockets; E. Collapse all poles and store them in the pole bag
    • STEP 3: Fold the Screen House: Fold fabric into a rectangular shape the same width as the pole bag's length. Lay pole bag at one end of the fabric and roll tightly together, slowly squeezing air out as you go. Store screen house in carry bag provided
  • Directions for Cleaning: wipe clean with a water dampened cloth. Air Dry
  • Caution: make sure all pole sleeves are evenly distributed along their poles; if pole joints catch on fabric, they can suffer undue stress causing a pole to break or fabric to tear