Long Range Wi-Fi Signal Booster and Wireless Signal Amplifier (2.4GHz)


$ 79.99 

Long Range Wi-Fi Signal Booster and Wireless Signal Amplifier (2.4GHz): strengthen Wi-Fi networks used in homes and small businesses.

Wireless network and wireless internet access points are very convenient, no doubt. But what do you do if you are in a building whose architecture or materials seem to limit Wi-Fi signals? Or what if your small business has a router in the office and you can't get a strong signal in the warehouse to update stock data? With this powerful Wi-Fi signal booster you will increase the signal distance and speed of your wireless network - making it work better for you and allowing you to be more productive. Ideal for places with 2 floors or more!

The strong Wi-Fi Signal Amplifier consists of a wireless signal booster to attach to your wireless access point/router, an antenna to broadcast waves further, a RG316 cable and a power adapter. Simply link this unit to your existing Wi-Fi device and then power it on; that is it! Don't continue to be frustrated by the limited range of your current wireless network when one simple product can help you achieve so much more!

Get this great Wireless Signal Amplifier for your modem and enjoy Wi-Fi worry-free in a large perimeter.


At a Glance‰Û_

  • Wi-Fi signal booster for amplifying wireless signal
  • For 802.11B/G Wi-Fi signal
  • Improves wireless signal penetration, coverage and range
  • Simple installation and use
Manufacturer Specifications

    • WiFi: IEEE 802.11b/g
    • Operating Range: 2400-2500MHz
    • Operating Mode: Bi-Directional, Half-Duplex
    • Transmit Gain: 12-15dB
    • Input Trigger Power: 5-20dBm
    • Optimal Input Power: 9-13dBm
    • Power Source: Power Adapter

    • Main product dimensions:94x54x29mm (L x W x D)
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    Product Notes
    • A simple and budget friendly way to increase the coverage of your wireless network.
    • No software necessary

    Package Contents
    • Wi-Fi Signal Amplifier
    • Cable
    • Antenna
    • Power Adapter
    • User Manual

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