Kensington SoleMassager Under Desk Ergonomic Footrest

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$ 48.99 

Pamper your tired feet with the Kensington SoleMassager Exercising Footrest. It features five different height-adjustable settings, allowing you to set it at a custom fit. It also has a tilt of 30 degrees, so that you can tilt it to the angle that is most comfortable for you. As an added benefit, its exercising motion may help improve your leg circulation. This ergonomic footrest is an ideal choice for relaxing at home or for creating a more comfortable environment at work.

Kensington SoleMassager Exercising Footrest:
  • 5 height-adjustable settings
  • Tilt of 30 degrees
  • Exercising motion may improve leg circulation
  • Ideal for tired feet
  • Relax at home or create a more comfortable work environment
  • Kensington footrest is adjustable for a custom fit